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Welcome to my blog. I utilize this platform to share my knowledge gained from decades of developing my business. It's all about the journey. #MyProjectDash

Top 5 Most Important Characteristics of a CEO

CEOs are often expected to wear a number of different hats. This requires them to possess a wide-ranging skill set in order to successfully meet the demands of their role. Although they need to have a number of traits to be successful, here is a look at the top five most important characteristics of a CEO.

6 Marketing Tips for New Companies

Every company has to start from the beginning, ground zero as they say, and this means that advancing your company from the ground up will include lots and lots of marketing techniques. Marketing is simply the way in which you showcase your brand, product, or service to an audience and this is vital to make sales and grow a community of clients and customers. New companies are at no less advantage, however, because grassroots and social media marketing are accessible to all!

How Growing Communities Will Benefit Your Marketing Strategy

Building communities around your brand and product can be beneficial in a number of ways for your community members. These communities are a chance to learn, grow, and connect with others. While they provide many benefits to the members, growing communities will also benefit your marketing strategy.

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