Saul Mishkin

An OMEALS Moment: Early Morning Training

One thing I learned from all of my training for the Ultra-Marathon was the need to have something nutritious before my runs. Just a cup of hot coffee wasn’t going to cut it – we need carbs! Especially for those of us who are really putting in work, you need that sustenance and to get some energy before starting your day. The thing is, we don’t all have the time to get a hot breakfast ready before we leave & let’s be honest, a granola bar every single day just isn’t going to cut it. 

Have you ever heard of self heating meals? One of my companies is OMEALS – which is a completed self heating and contained meal in a pack! Everything you need is in one pouch – even the heating element. All you need to do is add liquid, just a few ounces of liquid. In fact, you don’t even need water. Any liquid will do – because the food never touches the liquid – so it is safe and stays delicious! During my times of training, these came in handy and I had many OMEALS moments along the way. During those super early mornings when I needed some fuel before my run or even those days on the trail where my team and I needed to stop for a break and have some lunch. OMEALS come in so many different tasty flavors – everything from breakfast to lunch to dessert, you can have anything you’re craving wherever you happen to be! 

Check out a little bit more of my OMEALS moment here & be sure to stock up for your next adventure: 

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