Saul Mishkin

6 Marketing Tips for New Companies

Every company has to start from the beginning, ground zero as they say, and this means that advancing your company from the ground up will include lots and lots of marketing techniques. Marketing is simply the way in which you showcase your brand, product, or service to an audience and this is vital to make sales and grow a community of clients and customers. New companies are at no less advantage, however, because grassroots and social media marketing are accessible to all!

Here are 6 marketing tips for new companies:

  • Cater to your audience. Your audience is the only one who matters. If someone doesn’t like what you’re doing, but they are not a paying customer or would likely never be, then their opinion should not faze you. Figure out who you are catering towards, and what that demographic’s need and wants are. Then work to make your marketing and branding match their desires.
  • Know your product and vision. You are the only one who should know the most about your product. Know the ins and outs. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Your vision is cast from the top and your marketing needs to reflect exactly the voice you are wanting to speak into the world through your product.
  • Invest in your team. The right team of people can make all the difference! Having people who believe in your product, service, or company like you do ensures that they will work hard for your brand’s success.
  • Don’t forget about pricing. Do you know why you are prices the way that you are? Pricing is so important because sometimes it is the first and only aspect of your product or service that someone will look at. Knowing the industry and why you are priced accordingly is essential.
  • Handle complaints kindly. Customer service is king! Be kind, respectful, and thankful for those who have invested money or time into your company – even if they are not acting that way towards you. Having great customer service will elevate your brand and word spreads fast.
  • High quality content reigns supreme. Having great content will always make a brand stand out. Focus on creating educational, eye catching, and engaging content that your audience will love to share.

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