Project (-)

When you see a headstone, you see two dates, with only a little dash in between.  That dash is really what that persons’ entire life consisted of, the time between their birth and their passing. 

To me, this dash represents my life, my history and my journey.

I created Project (-) as a reminder and mission to live every day with a purpose and, to make my time here on earth really count.

In early 2018, I decided to set a large goal – to challenge my body & mind.

I embarked on a 50 mile, ultra-marathon challenge down in the Florida Keys, with only about five months to train for it. 

As with any success, the path to get to the finish line is oftentimes the most valuable part. Success just isn’t running across that finish line; but in each and every day, waking up and, putting the goal at the forefront of my mind while making small steps and bettering myself each day.

Project (-) could not have happened without the support behind me. 

I have the best work team and the best support of my family. Setting goals keeps me going strong and staying on the go allows me to remain sharp and focused. Filming this journey was a way to share with everyone the hard work, progress, and determination that this lofty goal took to achieve.

Project Dash
Project Dash


Project Dash
Project Dash
Project Dash

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