Saul Mishkin

Developing A Personal Brand To Build Trust Within Your Community

Why is a personal brand so important? Shouldn’t the business brand be the only thing that matters? In today’s day and age, people get connected rather quickly to a person and their story. In fact, it can be within just a few minutes of hours of “binging” on someone’s blogs or videos that they can feel like a true fan! The information age has given us a voice that goes beyond just what our business can speak in the markets. Our personal brand can relate to others who may potentially become brand loyal because of how they connect to us one on one. 

CEO’s, Presidents, and Owners of companies have a unique platform to be able to educate, relate, teach, and inspire others who may be looking to do the same thing. Hungry entrepreneurs are looking for help, assistance, tips, and resources all over the place and if you can help them discover something about themselves or their role in business, then you have not just made a fan out of them, but oftentimes a customer as well. 

How can you create a personal brand? 

lt is easier than you may think! Creating a personal brand simply means putting your name and face out there in a way that is true and authentic to who you are. That can be your personal life, like family and hobbies, or more about your professional life, like behind the scenes of what your work day looks like or how you balance all that you do. You can choose to connect with people on social media platforms, YouTube, or your own blog site. The point of it all being that with the plethora of information out there, and the amount of people soaking it up, why not add your expertise to the mix. There is no one with your same story. There is no one with your same mission. These parts of you can really motivate and inspire others and create connections that go somewhere. 

Creating Project (-) was that passion brand project for me. Project (-) is all about living life to the fullest in the moments that we have been given and creating a work life and personal life that I can be proud of. In the midst, I share my knowledge with my kids as well as others online through my site and videos to create a community of go-getters and achievers. 

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