Saul Mishkin

How Delegating Can Be The Best Decision You Make As A CEO

CEOs are tasked with making countless decisions throughout the day. One of the best decisions you can make is to delegate. Although it might seem like a daunting challenge to consider which tasks and responsibilities you can hand off, the result is overwhelmingly positive. There are a number of reasons why delegating can be the best decision you make as a CEO.

First of all, delegation can help free up time in your schedule. Delegating time consuming administrative tasks to your team frees up room in both your calendar and your head. When you no longer have to regularly think about remembering all the little details, you can instead spend more time processing ideas focused on the company’s vision. This additional time in your schedule can allow you to focus on big picture tasks that will propel your business further into the future than if you were spending time on small details. 

Delegating also serves to empower your team members. Delegating tasks to team members communicates that you trust them and have confidence in their abilities. Oftentimes when team members have tasks delegated to them, they increase their performance as a result of feeling that their superiors believe they are capable of doing more. A team that feels they are trusted is capable of accomplishing significantly more than a team who is unsure of where they stand.

Another benefit of delegating is that it can help your team develop their talents and skills. If you are currently the only person who knows how to perform particular duties, assigning them to someone else will give them an opportunity to learn a new skill. Although at first it might feel like an overwhelming challenge, it is in fact a stretching opportunity that will leave your team stronger than before you delegated.

Another way delegating can be a good decision is that it reduces stress. When you are no longer handling the big picture and the small details of your company your stress levels can be reduced. Reduced stress can provide renewed energy for growing and strengthening your business.

As you consider what to delegate, first make a list of everything you are currently responsible for and then determine which tasks could be completed by someone else and which tasks can only be completed by you. If the task can be completed by someone else, delegate the task to a team member and instead focus on those things that can only be completed by you.

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