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How To Launch A Brand

BRANDING. Some would say this is the most important part of any company today. A brand is simply the realization of that. A company is not necessarily a brand & vice versa. It is so important to find both aspects of your business & fuel them to work hand in hand. The ability to create a brand means that you have found your voice, mission, and identity. Even if you have a phenomenal product, your brand can make or break you. In this industry climate we are in, how do you, as a business owner, launch a brand and get eyes on your company?

Start when you start the company.
It is common for entrepreneurs and business owners to launch their product or service and then bring the branding about secondarily. It is much more beneficial for you to have your marketing & branding down and launch all together so that even your early customers can get on board. They will be the ones helping to spread your name & you want them to be wow-ed from the start.

Grassroots marketing.
At the end of the day, getting people to truly buy into your brand is #1. Grassroots marketing is meeting the people where they are and engaging with them so they can be introduced to you in an authentic way. Whether that is at farmer’s markets or on social media, you can interact with them one on one.

Build anticipation.
Don’t wait until launch day to start revealing your name and brand to those who may be clients or customers! Build a following and a voice, before you ever give them a product. Building anticipation leads to a successful launch and one that people are excited to be a part of.

Launching a brand has become more accessible and commonplace, but that certainly doesn’t mean that everyone is successful right out of the gate. Prepare yourself and your company to the best of your abilities and learn and grow and strategize as you go.

Have you nailed down your branding yet?

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