Saul Mishkin

The Importance Of Samples And Demos When You Sell A Product

There is nothing that will compare to the experience that someone has when they get to touch, feel, taste, and use your product. No matter how amazing your marketing strategy is, or how convincing your word of mouth community can be, there is something special about when a consumer gets the chance to truly experience your product first hand. With my companies, I have always made it a priority to get it into the hands of the customers and our audience in a variety of different ways. The impact that it makes when they can say for themselves what it looks, smells, and tastes like is the best marketing you can get. 

Throughout my time in differing industries, this truth has never changed. Why do we continue to do demos for our products? Why do we allow others to taste and feel our product at trade shows and invest the time and money into that? For the simple reason that people love to know what they are getting into before they buy. 

Creating personalized one on one experiences is essential to every business. Yes, your goal is to reach the masses, but that only happens one individual at a time. The more positive experiences that you can allow others to have, the more happy customers you will have coming back to you. There is another side to this as well. When you provide samples or demonstrations to people, you can see their reaction in real time. If they don’t get it, don’t like it, or don’t understand something about your product or process, you can know that immediately, This is vital information that can help you tweak and grow your company. 

Some demonstrations are done for the consumer and can be showcased in front of potential customers in stores, public trade shows, etc. These are different then doing a demo for retailers – and I will speak more on that soon. 

Have you considered sending samples or providing a venue in which others can experience your product for the first time? The feedback alone can be incredible for the strategy of your business and the longevity of your product. 

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