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Who is Saul Mishkin? About Me

I want to start off by saying thanks for stopping by my blog. This space has been created to share my journey, my story, and the motivation I want to share to inspire others to take charge of their life – from a business perspective, a health perspective, and so much more.

My journey starts in Peru, where I was born and where I immigrated from over 10 years ago now. I come from a small town, not more than 2500 people but my passion for business and entrepreneurship started there. My desire to come to the states for protection, safety, and more opportunity for my family is where the next part of my story begins.

Starting businesses and working alongside others has always been a strong suit & with my experience in many different industries I now wanted to share some of that knowledge and story with fellow hard workers and aspiring entrepreneurs. I know what it’s like to start with nothing & build up successful companies. On the other hand, I know how it is to lose it all & have to rebuild. On this platform, I will not only being sharing tips for running and organizing a thriving business, but I will also be sharing the personal journey – of raising kids, balancing work-life, and overcoming health obstacles and beating personal goals.

My passions spread through a variety of topics & I know that other entrepreneurs can relate deeply to that. Many of us have the desire to create our own destiny – a job we love & a life we enjoy. Follow along more of my story & see more in depth here:

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