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Why Project (-) Will Always Be A Project

If you are new here, then let me introduce you to Project (-). This has been a combination of my life’s work and essentially represents everything that comes in between those two dates in your life that are shown on a headstone. That little tiny dash that gets written in, that is the entirety of your life and everything you were, accomplished, represented and so much more. That dash has given me a purpose, because I live with intention and passion for creating a life that I am proud of and excited to live. This life doesn’t just include one type of success, like financial,  but is a compilation of personal life and business life. Success to me is defined by always striving and never giving up. 

Project (-) will never be over. As long as I am living, then there is more to give and more journey to be credited and taken part in. I have started businesses and brands. I have created a beautiful family. I have completed the 50 Mile Ultra Marathon. There is more inside me to give and bless my life with and that is a passion that I want to inspire others with as well. As long as I have breath inside me, my project will be ongoing. You cannot stop something that is your life’s work and that is exactly what this project represents for me. 

Many times in your life, you will face things that you don’t have control over, that you don’t know what is going to happen, but you just need to go and do it. That is the similarity that I have discovered between the race I ran and life – the life of everybody. This is something that I want to pass down to my kids to understand. Your mind can control what you are able to do. Mind over matter can get you through confusion, hard times, and uncertainties. There have been times in my life where the project makes sense and all seems to come togteer. Running this Ultra Marathon was most definitely  high point for me on this jounry. It brought me into a place where I needed to balance work, personal life, training, nutrition, and rest all together and that is a huge challenge. Seeing the people along the way who helped me achieve this goal, however, like my son finishing the race with me to keep my spirits up, are times that I will never forget and make me appreciate teamwork and support systems more than I ever have before. No successful person gets to where they are without the help and backing of those who love them. 

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Project (-) from NEX-XOS on Vimeo.

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