Saul Mishkin

Why You Should Be Making Smart Goals

Many of us make goals – in fact, business owners and entrepreneurs seem to always be making new goals, dreams, and visions. What is the difference between a traditional goal and a SMART goal though? Will that make a difference? A smart goal is a concrete target that you strive to achieve over a certain amount of time. There is a distinct difference between the two – because a goal can really be anything you have ever dreamed of, but a smart goal is something that has specific instructions attached on how you intend to meet the goal. 

Small changes in your thinking, planning, and doing can really impact how your life turns out & how you business does. Anyone can dream and make some goals in a notebook at the beginning of the new year, but when you really take the time and invest into HOW you are going to make them happen, you are statistically much more likely to complete them. 

If you are here reading this and investing into your education on how to thrive as a business owner, then you have started the first step! Education and proper planning are so important to making a real SMART goal become a reality. In this competitive world we live in & marketplace that can oftentimes seem saturated, there is no time for vague and broad goals. Make your goals so specific that you can be the only one to achieve them (with help of a team if you have one of course!)

According to HubSpot, here are the steps to create your smart goal: 

  • Use specific wording.
  • Include measurable goals.
  • Aim for realistically attainable goals.
  • Pick relevant goals that relate to your business.
  • Make goals time-bound by including timeframe and deadline information.

If you are just starting out, then creating smart goals and making that a part of your business policy will be incredible for your growth and overall work ethic. You will see the fruits of that labor. If you are looking to pivot in your business and need some help in this area, that’s okay too! There isn’t a time that is too late to re-brand, start fresh, or create new goals for your company. If you are willing to put in the time, then it can happen for you. 

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