Saul Mishkin

Working On The Go: Tips For Working While Traveling

As a business owner, there are many instances in which travel will become synonymous with our work-life balance. Some of us travel for our jobs, while some of us may have travel as a part of our business, and others may have the ability to travel and work remotely. However it is that you are traveling & conducting business simultaneously, the balance can become tough when out of your normal routine. Sticking to your workload and not getting behind is essential to making sure that the travel isn’t getting in the way. Here are some tips for working while traveling & getting it all in! 

  1. Make sure you have great Internet connection. You cannot always ensure that you have it in the obscure instances – like in the airport or your Uber ride, but you can be sure to book hotels with reputable reviews for having fast Wi-Fi or make plans to take time in a meet suite or coffee shop that has connection during your trip. 
  2. Set time blocks. You likely have a schedule, even if it’s a loose schedule. Make sure to set aside times that you know you will need for conducting the business you need to get done. Get up an hour earlier in the day for emails or take a lunch break for a business call you need to fit in. Scheduling them in advance can be a great help so you aren’t in an inconvenient place when someone needs info fast. 
  3. Keep an open mind. Don’t assume everything before it happens. Anything can happen on a trip, so being able to go with the flow is going to help you out a ton in the long run.
  4. Let people know you are traveling. Employees, co-workers, and clients are likely to get frustrated if they feel like they are being ignored. Letting everyone know that you might be delayed in responding because of travel helps to keep people feeling like they have been communicated with and will be more understanding of any delays. 

As you travel for work, or travel while you work, take some of these tips to heart and implement them into your routine. I think you will start to see that you can balance the traveling and the workload just find & maybe even find a little extra time to explore as well!  

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