Saul Mishkin

10 Simple Ways To Improve Company Culture

Do you have a core company culture? Culture is started and maintained from the top and works its way down. Boosting the morale – especially in times when things can seem uncertain – is essential in being able to keep your culture present and your teams encouraged. Times like these are when leadership can really make or break the attitudes of it’s employees and that is why I am so passionate about sharing ways to improve company culture inside of your organization. 

Here are my 10 simple ways that you, as the business owner, manager, CEO, or team leader, can play that important role & encourage your culture to thrive. 

  1. Always show your willingness to be transparent.
    People do not like to feel like the wool is being pulled over their head. Showing that you value them enough to give them some insight into what is going on in the company goes a long way.

  2. Give recognition and reward to those who are working hard.
    When people feel like their work is appreciated, their love for that work only grows! Small rewards can go a long way!

  3. Encourage team relationships and working together.
    Coworkers will also thrive when they know and connect with the people they are working alongside. Finding ways for everyone to get to know each other is a huge benefit.

  4. Empower employees to think out of the box.
    Small mindedness leads to no growth – that’s a fact in many areas of life. Encourage your employees to freely think of new ideas, processes, and plans!

  5. Embrace flexibility in your workplace.
    Nothing has gone as planned in 2020 – that’s for certain – but things can go off the tracks anytime, and pivoting and being flexible will help your organization stay strong!

  6. Have great communication skills.
    Being communicative goes a very long way. Allow your employees to know that they can talk to you & that they have a voice and a clear mission.

  7. Build teams and allow them to grow.
    Teams will help you succeed. Great people will motivate more great people and watch your company flourish.

  8. Ask for personal feedback.
    We all should know what the people in our company think about our leadership and the way the company is run. Allowing them a space to express that is important.

  9. Stay on track with your personal mission & values.
    Re-visit your WHY and your mission statement often. Are you staying on track? Are the decisions you are making in line with that?

  10. Work hard & establish that as high importance in your organization.
    Hard work is contagious. When you & your team leaders are hard workers, the company culture is one of embracing great work ethic!

As a whole, these tasks and points can seem simple & they are – however, they require the right dedication to see them through. If you can commit to establishing these tasks into your workplace routine and leadership team, you will continue to see your employees embrace your culture and showcase it to your customers and clients. 

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