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How To Demonstrate Your Multitasking Skills

Multitasking is a great skill to have in your personal and professional life and many people may think that they are masters at it, but in order to improve, let’s take a outsiders perspective on the topic. There are many ways to demonstrate and distinguish your multitasking skills and also be able to pinpoint where you may need to improve. As a CEO, it is vital for my business’ success that I am able to properly and effectively multitask – to save time, energy, and expense. If you are looking inward to evaluate your own skillset or if you are looking for tips on how to find this type of skill in a potential employee, here is my advice. 

Multitasking skills are demonstrated by the actions that we take. 

The first way to demonstrate your skills & work to improve them is in the area of projects or task management. Are you able to effectively manage multiple different projects at the same time? Are you able to juggle more than one client or more than one task while keeping up with it to the proper standard? Some may have trouble flipping back and forth in their mind, but that can be worked on! The more practice that you have with it & alongside the structure to keep yourself organized, you will gain and strengthen your multitasking skills. 

Another way to prove to yourself or to an employer that you have mastered the skill of multitasking is by being able to simultaneously end and close out multiple sales or projects on the same day or within the same timeframe. This shows that you have the unique ability to stay on track with more than one specific project at a time. 

Mentioned earlier was organization, but this deserves a section in and of itself. The skill of organization cannot be separated from the ability to multitask. If you want to stay on top of everything without dropping the ball, then time blocking, scheduling, and great documentation and record keeping will be a huge way that you can accomplish your tasks. 

Lastly, you will know that you have truly become a master of multitasking when you are able to handle distractions well. Distractions are sure to come your way – no matter how well organized or secluded you may be. How you handle those times will begin to speak for itself. If you are able to stay focused and complete your tasks without much interruption to your schedule then you have really mastered this skill! 

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