Saul Mishkin

Always DO Something Great

Greatness. I think we all aspire to it – but do we all accomplish it? At the end of the day, greatness isn’t dependent on how BIG your business got or how much MONEY you made, but how you impacted your industry, your employees, your customers, and yes, even your family. Greatness begins when you find your inspiration and act on it – so that others can benefit because of your sacrifice and hard work. Many entrepreneurs start their journey with their eyes on the prize, but much of what we accomplish will be dependent upon the day to day and the journey to get to the end goal – not necessarily the end goal itself. 

This can come as a surprise to some who are seeking success, validation, or an amazing reputation. You cannot have these things by just accomplishing something huge – because even if you make an amazing product and sell millions in sales, people will still remember you by how you interacted with them along the way. 

This is so important to remember when starting your company, encouraging your employees, and interacting with customer support in your industry. Being great starts with the first hello in the morning and doesn’t even end when you get home. Making people a priority will always come back to you in the best way. People will have a great idea of you in their mind, they will recommend you and your company to others, and customers will keep coming back when they feel valued. 

DO SOMETHING GREAT. It may seem like a big task, but at the end of the day, it’s simplicity. It does take strength, however, to endure in greatness and that is why support is always necessary. 

As a business owner and CEO of multiple companies, I have learned tactics of the trade for years now. Sharing my knowledge with you – so you can start on the right foot – is my passion. See more of my blogs showcasing business and leadership here! 

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