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Best Tips For Being A Respected Leader

Being a leader comes with many perks and challenges. It is a position that can feel isolating and there often isn’t a guidebook for how to handle some of the situations that you will face. Here are a few of the best tips for being a respected leader even when the role is difficult. 

One tip for being a respected leader is to build upon your strengths and delegate in your areas of weakness. There are a number of online tests you can take to help identify your strengths or you can reach out to mentors and/or supervisors to ask them for their thoughts on your strengths. Once you’ve put together your list of strengths and identified your weaknesses, you can begin to identify team members who have strengths that complement yours and help fill the gaps of your weaknesses. This can help you become a respected leader as your team begins to see that you won’t be micro-managing every task, but will instead ask them to step into the roles where they can shine. Their trust that you want to authentically utilize their strengths and gifts will translate into respect.

Another tip for being a respected leader is to conduct yourself in a professional manner. This can include taking care to dress in a professional manner and practicing professional etiquette. Taking time to be a consummate professional communicates to your team that you care about your role and take your leadership position seriously. In turn, your team will respect that you are the leader in charge of their team or business. 

Additionally, improving your communication skills is an excellent strategy for being a respected leader. Leaders are required to communicate with followers, shareholders, peers and other interested parties. Taking the time to communicate well sets you apart from other leaders. When you communicate in a polite and articulate manner you are decreasing the chances of offending those who you lead, or various shareholders, and therefore remaining a respected leader. 

Another tip for being a respected leader hails back a saying you may have heard from your parents or a teacher…say what you mean and mean what you say. Your team will respect you as a leader when they can trust that you are being genuine and honest with them. And just as importantly that you are not just a person who says the right things, but a leader who follows through with their commitments.

Implementing these tips can help you become a respected leader in your team or organization.

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