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How Using What Motivates You In Life Can Grow Your Business 

Every entrepreneur and business owner faces the same dilemma, what can I do to grow my business? Are there marketing strategies I can implement? Are there more efficient systems I can adopt? “The key to success is to focus on goals, not obstacles.” (Unknown) When you are focused on your goals and what motivates you, you are more likely to grow your business and achieve success. Here are several strategies for how using what motivates you in life can grow your business.

It can first be helpful to think of yourself as the consumer. Consider what motivates you to purchase a product or use a service. Is it high quality customer service? Is it the product itself? Is it the reviews for the product? Reflecting on what motivates you to purchase a product or use a service can be helpful for knowing how to grow your business, because many of your customers likely have similar motivations to you. If you know that strong customer reviews motivate you to make a purchase, make a concerted effort to increase your number of customer reviews. Increasing your customer’s motivation can then help you grow your business.

After spending time putting yourself in your customer’s shoes, consider putting yourself in your employees shoes. What would motivate you to be a top-notch employee? Is it the health benefits? An employee referral system? An employee recognition program? A well-detailed career path? Any number of things could motivate you, so considering what would motivate you to be the best employee possible can help you determine what practices you want to implement into your business. When you create an environment and culture that is motivating to employees, they in turn will help you grow your business. 

Finally, it can be helpful to consider what motivates you to be successful. If you are motivated in life by the opportunity to travel, frame your business growth goals around enabling you to travel. Since you have a strong interest in the outcome coming to life, you will be highly motivated to work on and grow your business. If you are motivated in life by creating an optimal work-life balance, structure your business plans around a system that will enable you to meet those goals. If you know that an optimal work-life balance is at the end of the tunnel, you are more motivated to put your head down and work towards that goal. This hard work will result in growing your business.

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