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Customer Service: It Hasn’t Gone Away

Customer Service. We hear this term over and over from business owners and from consumers, clients, and customers alike. Whether they are speaking of it in a positive light or a negative light is what makes all the difference. There is no way to ignore this fact. If you own a business or a running a brand, you must make service your #1 priority, before your business is known for being “that brand” that is not willing to lend a helping hand. In the age of fast paced social media, especially, the ones who go above and beyond will grab the attention and earn the respect of customers.

Repeat customers. Great online reviews. A reputation of excellence. Don’t you want your brand to be associated with these things? According to a study done by PwC, you risk losing 25% of your existing customers after they have had a terrible customer service experience with your brand. With how hard you have worked to acquire that customer, letting them slip on through because of poor customer service management is just not an option! So, how do you fix that? Here are a few ways to keep & grow your customer base and have them coming back for more.

  1. Always go the extra mile. Find ways to make your experience more than just the status quo. Stand out. Make it fun.
  2. Give incentives to VIP’s and repeat customers. Allow them to join an affiliate program where they can earn commission on sales from their friends and families. Text or email a discount code for them to use on their next order.
  3. Work to resolve any problems quickly and efficiently. Send a replacement order when theirs was damaged. Answer questions within 24 hours when they call or email.

Making choices that can positively affect your customer’s experience with your business is the best investment that you can make as an owner or manager!

In what ways have you made customer service a top priority?

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