Saul Mishkin

Why You Should Have FAQ’s On Your Site

We all have questions sometimes, and as a popular brand or growing business, your customers are bound to have questions too. It is important to look to the future, even when you are just starting out, and figure out what your customers and clients may want to know about you, your brand, or your product. Being able to anticipate the FAQ’s to come is a great step in being able to provide the very best customer service and overall brand experience for your shoppers.

If you are an existing company, then you surely know the frequently asked questions that your consumers have. Being able to provide them with a FAQ section on your website means that they can find their answer quickly and overall can save them their precious time – and in turn you and your employees time as well! There are many reasons why having an easily accessible FAQ section on your website is vital -but here are a few:

  1. Your customers will be satisfied when they can find an answer quickly.
  2. It helps customers have trust in you and your product.
  3. Writing out the question on your site leads to greater site conversions when people are asking that question into a search engine.
  4. Saves time & cluttering up of emails and phone calls with the same repeat questions or concerns.

We live in an “on-the-go” world & the ability to give your potential customer’s peace of mind swiftly while they shop around is a great way to win their business!

Do you currently have an FAQ section? Will you be creating one?

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