Saul Mishkin

Finding Your Brand’s Purpose

Having a purpose is important in every aspect of your life – including business. Figuring out what that purpose is will drive everything else that you do & will help to differentiate between on-brand ideas and ones that can be passed aside. Your brand has a purpose, whether you can clearly see it yet or not. That is for you as the brand owner to captivate and expand upon. How do you find your brand’s purpose? Here are some practical ways to find it and grow in it:

First off, you need to determine your WHY. Why did you start the brand or company to begin with? For most people, the WHY is exactly the purpose. If you can figure out deep down what that driving factor was to start the brand in the first place, then you generally can begin to see the purpose start to play out.

Having a purpose draws people in. Customers and clients are attracted to confidence and a clear brand identity. Having something that people can connect with is essential for getting repeat business and a following for your brand.

Is there a community problem, concern, or mission that you can get on board with? Many companies & brands find their purpose in giving back, being charitable, or being a voice. This is something that gives their brand a higher meaning than just the product they sell.

In a world where someone can come out with a competitive product quickly & often times cheaper, you need brand loyalty and a unique platform to retain & acquire new customers. Your purpose is unique to you & no one can tell you what it is! When you find that and effectively educate your audience on it, your brand will soar.

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