Saul Mishkin

Getting Organized: Business Edition

Getting organized is not simply making sure your desk drawers are color-coded. This is especially true for an entrepreneurs & business owners. The daunting task of getting more organized can seem overwhelming, but doing so can be the catalyst to bugger & better things – ultimately, more success. Finding ways to make things run more smoothly, efficiently, and accessible to your employees or future ones is the core of business organization.  Without the foundation laid, it can be hard to move forward. So just how can you organize your business better? Here are 3 tips to do so:

1. Take control of your papers, documents, & files.

First off, start with the clutter around you & get a system in place to clean up. Having a place for everything – from virtual to physical – is #1 to feeling more put together. Furthermore, it will allow you & everyone you are working with to know just where every document is – without wasted time or cluttered spaces.

2. Find productivity tools that work for your business model.

Texting your assistant. Writing post it notes and leaving them on desks. These can be hard to keep track of in the grand scheme of things & having systems that allow you & your employees, clients, or partners on the same page at all times is necessary. If you are in an office, you can setup white boards and calendars, but if you work remote, maybe an online task management system & reminder calendar is best! Find what works & streamline your processes through it.

3. Make your vision clear.

In business, nothing will seem to be working & will always feel chaotic before you have your vision squatted away. If you have yet to do so, make sure you know your business’ mission & re-evaluate what you are doing to make sure it matches up. Having a clear vision is the best way to clear your mind & organize your business’ future plans & goals.

It may be the end of the year, but don’t let 2019 close out without a good old-fashioned house cleaning! Your 2020 business will thank you for it!

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