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How To Channel Your Employees Best & See Success

Leadership starts at the top. There really is no getting around that simple fact. As business owners, managers, CEO’s, and bosses, it is up to us to set the standard for how the company and brand that we are managing will go. We set the direction with our inspiration, example, and the way that we engage with and train up our employees. Great employees aren’t hard to come by, they just need to be properly trained and raised up within your organization. Finding ways to channel your employees best and see success in your business can be achievable and here are a few tips on how to do so: 

  1. Create a team you are proud of.

    This certainly doesn’t mean that your team has to be made up of the perfect candidates or the most qualified people under the sun. No. In fact, many times getting someone with the drive and ambition who may not have the experience can be greatly beneficial becasue you can train them with the tools you have and they can thrive in that position and grow alongside it. Creating a team is all about finding people who believe in you and your mission and are passionate about being a part!

  2. Educate and provide guidelines.

    A ship without a sail will never get to it’s intended destination. Being intentional about setting up your employees to see the end goal and to find ways to reach it – within your company policies, strategies, and available resources – will help them take ownership and really grow. Educating them along the way is a vital job of a CEO or business owner. Learning never stops. As you learn, passing it on to those representing your brand will only help propel your business further.

  3. Share tools and resources.

    Looking for success? It starts with sharing & teamwork. We all want our employees to share their knowledge and provide tools to one another when they can assist, but that example has to come from the top as well. Be an organization that doesn’t see one level as better than another. When teams and corporate levels can learn to work together without fuss – you will see your business really break down barriers and thrive.

  4. Motivation and rewards.

    This isn’t only monetarily either. Many think that the only way to motivate employees is with a raise or a bonus, but in fact, there are so many creative ways to make them feel inspired and encouraged and valued. Hand written notes from managers is a big way to show how much you notice their good work. In this digital age – doing something out of the box is really motivating and special. You can also create competitions for catered lunch meetings or an hour off their work day for a week. There are so many opportunities to show you care and inspire them to work their hardest for a company that they love! 

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