Saul Mishkin

Should CEO’s Be On LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has been around for quite some time and it’s popularity has surged and fallen into the background at different points in time, but the facts have always remained the same: LinkedIn is a great place for professionals to have a presence. 

Some CEO’s choose to be very public and some would rather not be seen or heard, but as we have noticed with the rise of social media and personal branding, making your name known and your mission clear has been so beneficial for so many companies. As a CEO, you are essentially the face of the brand. You may have a mascot or a catchy logo, but the culture and vision of the organization stems from you and the principals that you set forth. The more that people can get to know you, the more they can begin to be inspired by and feel connected to the business you represent. 

LinkedIn is social media for the modern day professional. With the ability to reach so many, you can have your own soapbox to speak upon – without ever having to leave your office! What matters most to you? What press worthy topics are you wanting to share with others? This is the perfect platform to be able to talk business all day long with an eager audience. As an established CEO, you have wisdom, experience, and skills that are so beneficial to others. Sharing those experiences and advice, education and insight can make you a leader in your industry by the simple fact that you are willing to show up. 

Not only is LinedIn great for exposure, but it is also a great place to potentially be in “the right place at the right time.” If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that virtual conferences, meetings, and trainings can actually be the future, and if so, then these professionals will be searching for more and more industry leaders. Already showing your skills and talents on LinkedIn is like a virtual portfolio. 

Are you on LinkedIn? Have you been wondering what to post? Start sharing your passions. Write articles about the state of your industry. Connect with others who have similar mindsets. It doesn’t have to take too much of your time, but it can be incredibly beneficial for business. 

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