Saul Mishkin

Leaving a Legacy

As a father, there are some things that are much more important to me now than I ever could have imagined before having children. The idea of leaving behind a legacy and teaching my kids the proper way to live is such a passion of mine and really a driving force behind just about every little thing that I do. I strive to make decisions that would make them proud, but also that show them the integrity and strength that it takes to achieve your dreams. Leaving a legacy is something that I think about quite a bit & has been a motivating factor in who I am as a man and the decisions I come to in life. 

In my episodes of Project (-), I really share my heart on this subject & how my kids have made me think differently in this aspect. 

I came to the United States with a different plan. One that I would have been able to imagine beforehand, but it has all led me to the person that I am now. No matter how hard life can look, nothing is impossible. With the right support and a willingness to work hard you can do it. That is exactly what I want my kids to know from watching me. I don’t necessarily want them remembering me as a “good person” but as someone who taught them deeply about what life was really about. The life lesson and the legacy I want to leave is that my dad taught me how to live in complicated situations and that everything is possible if you truly want to do the right thing. 

Do you have something that you hold close to your heart? A purpose or a legacy that you wish to leave to those behind you? 

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