Saul Mishkin

Focusing On The Finish Line: In Life & Business

No matter what it is that you are looking to achieve in life, the end goal must always be in your sights. Whether it is a 50 mile running race – like I tasked myself with – or a business goal that you are itching to meet, it is essential that no matter the highs and the lows, you are able to set your eyes on the finish line. 

Many of the components of running and training for such an intense physical feat have also trained me in my personal life and my business life as well. There are universal truths that can be learned in a variety of different ways. As I was training, I needed to run practice races and one such race was my 35 mile trek from Fort Lauderdale to Delray Beach. In the past, running this far could have seemed impossible but my goal was in front of me & I knew that I was prepared. You can see more about that day and my journey here: 

Even the most beautiful scenery in one of the most coveted locations can still not be enough if you are not focusing on what your personal end goal is. I couldn’t stop part way through & even all the yachts and the sounds of the water would not be enough for me to keep going – that only comes from within. 

Here are some tips for achieving your goals and setting your sights on the finish line: 

  1. Write out your goals and place them somewhere that you can see them daily. 
  2. Make a plan and a calendar so that you can make small steps toward the bigger goal. 
  3. Revisit your timeline often and change or edit to stay on track. 
  4. Celebrate small wins! 

These truths can help you in any area of your life – whether you are looking to achieve a personal goal or crush a business goal, you can make it happen! 

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