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The Benefit of Building a Team

With the amount of investments that you have taken the time, money and resources to grow, your team may be the most valuable. When asking multiple other CEO’s and business owners, many attribute their overall growth of their business to the people that they surround themselves with and the delegation to great employees and partners to get the job done. No one can do it all and that is especially true when you are committed to being there in your job but also in your personal life. I have built a team that I have relied on in my business endeavors and also in my personal accomplishments and goals. Having a support system is one of the greatest ways to see fruitful growth in your life & bonus, you have people to share the success with when it’s achieved! 

For those of us who are independent and go-getters, the idea of delegating and team building can be counter cultural to our DNA. So, what exactly are the benefits of building a team? 

Here are a few that I have seen from my personal experiences: 

  1. Teams enhance creativity. 
  2. Teams allow you to learn instead of just teach. 
  3. Teams allow for complementary strengths to flourish and grow. 
  4. Teams build trust within people. 
  5. Teams allow for conflict resolution and problem solving within your business. 
  6. Teams promote a wider sense of ownership. 
  7. Teams allow you to expand without spreading yourself too thin. 
  8. Teams give you accountability and support. 
  9. Teams encourage risk-taking. 
  10. Teams allow a shared workload. 

I will expand more on these topics later on the blog, but having built teams myself I can attest to the benefit that they have ini all areas of life. The fear of training and trusting others is usually the hardest part. Once you have established teams, you will wonder how you ever did it all by yourself. 

See more about my journey and how my support system uplifted me outside of the office here: 

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