Saul Mishkin

Things To Consider When Starting A Brand

It’s likely that everywhere you turn people are trying to convince you to “hone in in your brand!” That is great advice – except for when you aren’t exactly sure what that means. Honing in on your brand is an easy way for people to act like they are giving you valuable advice, without having to teach anything specific. If you have already come this far & are researching branding for your new endeavor, then I am quite sure that you have an idea in mind for what your identity for your company will be – or at least an outline. Here are some tips to further consider when starting a brand – to help you past that elusive stage and more into specifics! 

  1. IDENTIFY WHAT PROBLEM YOU SOLVE. This is usually exactly why you started your company, but it’s important to make sure that you can have it in your mind and win your business plan as a simple and written out statement. This will help any future employees as well to know exactly what the mission is of your brand. 
  2. Figure out YOUR personal strengths and weaknesses. As an entrepreneur, we are often thrown into every single role at the start of our business – however, eventually you will have the ability to hire out. Knowing ahead of time where you will need help will be able to assist the process be much more smooth later on. 
  3. Be a content creator. As a brand owner, you are always needing to think about content that can be shared! Let people see who you are and what you do! 
  4. Allow your story to shine in your branding. If you are catering to a certain demographic, be sure that your brand tells that story and attracts them specifically! Certain colors and shapes and sizes all play into the psychology of a brand. 
  5. Engage with your customers! Don’t be afraid to ask them for feedback or send out samples to get their advice and opinion. Getting to know your customers will be key to learning and growing. 

Are you feeling inspired to start your business and branding plan!? 

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