Saul Mishkin

Adjusting Your Plans

If you have been browsing through some of my blogs & videos, then you know that I am passionate about sharing ways to grow and thrive – in life and business. I have put together articles in how to plan and set goals, and ones of how to overcome hard times. One of the essential parts of being able to thrive in your life and your company is by having the strength, humility, and stamina to adjust your plans when need be. Adjusting is never a failure, in fact, it can make you stronger than ever before. 

Even though the idea of setting long term and short term goals is something I strongly believe in, it is still necessary to re-evaluate along the journey. If you do not take a step back and look at how it’s going, then you could waste a ton of time and energy, resources and money. The journey of Project (-) taught me more about this as well. As I trained for those 50 miles, the task ahead of me was great. I had a team of support and a plan that was set in stone – however, that plan may need adjusting, as I would come to learn, but that adjusting period is what refines you. As a man and as a CEO, the times when you can be unbiased and take a look at the progress will be some of the most influential to the overall journey. 

See more about my test run that my team & I evaluated my weak points, my strengths, and what needed to be tweaked in order to have the very best outcome for my final race in the Florida Keys: 

What have you learned in those times of adjusting? Do those situations make you feel like you’ve failed or inspire you to get after it even more? 

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