Saul Mishkin

Business Goals You Should Be Setting in 2020

2019 is coming to an end. Can you believe it? What’s harder to believe is that this decade is officially coming to a close! Whether this was your business’ first year or your 50th, the truth remains that setting goals is vital to growth and development of a company. With a new year on the horizon, starting to evaluate the goals you crushed and the ones that still need more work is a great way to end out the year and get you off on the right foot come 2020.

Are you a goal setter? What kinds of business goals do you have for the coming new year?

Think deeply about where you want to go & what you want to accomplish as a company this year. Your goals should be able to reflect that mission. There are a few main categories of goals that come into play as an organization or business. Here are a few in which your goals may fall into:

  1. Financial.
    Setting a budget for the new year is very important. Also, creating a goal for how much you would like to invoice, etc is a great vision to set as well!
  2. Marketing.
    How do you want your brand to be seen this year? What will you do on social media and blogs, etc?
  3. Growth.
    What are you looking to see in terms of growth in your business? More employees? More hours logged? Taking your side hustle full time?

Spending time writing down and analyzing your goals is the only way they can get done! How can you accomplish a plan that hasn’t been set? Take some time through the end of 2019 to evaluate just how far you have come & set realistic and optimistic goals for the future!

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