Saul Mishkin

Finding Your Target Audience

In a world so concerned about follower counts, it can be discouraging when you don’t seem to add up when it comes to the number of people who click the blue button, but fear not, entrepreneur! Followers are not the end all – be all of business. In fact, when it comes to creating a booming business, quality is much more important than quantity. Online sites & social media have trained us to think in terms of follower counts equating to success, but that is simply not the case. What are 100K followers if no one buys a single thing? At the end of the day, you don’t have a job unless you have committed customers and a targeted audience.

What is a target audience and how do you find it?

The first step to finding your target audience is knowing that not everyone is going to fit the mold – and that is okay! In fact, it’s great. Knowing exactly who you are talking to and how they think and shop and act is how you make your marketing better suited to sell your products.

Be dedicated to your product. When you started your small business or shop or created your product, you had an idea in mind. Think back to that original need or problem that your business was solving. Now, think about who wins when they get their hands on your product! THAT is your target audience and demographic!

Knowing your target audience helps you be more streamlined. You no longer need to try to please everyone, but instead cater to those who will love your brand and product. You have figured out what they need and why they need it, so now it’s just time to tell them about it. Social media and online blogs are great ways to draw in your targeted audience and get them engaged with you and your brand.

Do you know exactly who your business is serving?

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